Where Am I Going Next?


Up next for us is Our Great North American Road Trip, Summer 2017! We are so excited to get into our car and just go, with a little bit of everything along the way. We’ll be driving, camping, hiking, and touring our way across the continent.

Anticipated stops include:


Mount Rushmore

Yellowstone National Park





Napa Valley


The Grand Canyon



New Orleans

Disney World


As is the beauty of a roadtrip, our itinerary can change and evolve infinitely, but we are so excited about our plans and can’t wait to see where they take us!

14 thoughts on “Where Am I Going Next?

  1. Nov & Dec would be the perfect season to visit Australia & NZ. Make sure you bring some sunblock as the sun is quite strong over there. If you are planning to stay till New Year’s eve, I would recommend you to go to Sydney to see their firework. Enjoy your trips!

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    • Thank you! We will definitely bring lots of sunblock with us! Unfortunately we will be leaving before the New Year celebration. We considered staying but decided we wanted to spend the holidays with our families šŸ™‚

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