Photo Chronology

Here is a timeline of every vacation I have taken throughout my life. Two things are noticeably absent- New York City and the Jersey shore. I visit each of those so many times per year it would be inefficient to try and include them.

1989- Disney World

0 Me Mick

My very first vacation, where I was bitten by the travel bug and enchanted by the Magic of Disney. The photo is of my very first meeting with Mickey Mouse.

1992- Disney World

Pluto 91

A return visit to Disney because, why not? This time I decided that eating my hashbrown was way more important than meeting Pluto.

1994- Nantucket, Massachusetts


Going along with two other families meant 10 kids and a whole lot of fun.

1994- Disney World


We just couldn’t stay away, can you blame us? One of the highlights this time was meeting the Dreamfinder.

1995- Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Day 254 Liberty State Park 95

So close to my house that I’m not sure it counts, but this is one of my favorite photos ever, for a few different reasons.

1996- Hershey, Pennsylvania


A camping expedition with Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.

1996- Washington, DC

1996 Wash DC

Another trip with the big crew.

1996- Corolla, North Carolina

1996 NC Beach

A vacation full of beautiful beaches and big houses.

1997- Disney World

1997 Castle Cake

When they turned the castle into a giant cake for the 25th birthday celebration.

1997- Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

1997 Niagara Falls 2

This is literally the only photo that we have with the actual waterfalls.

1998- Florida

1998 Fla Fishing

Cleaning up my great-grandmother’s house and fishing in her backyard.

1998- Disney World

1998 Disney Stop

Naturally we stopped there with my cousins while we were in the area.

1998- Williamsburg, Virginia

1998 Williamsburg2

We took a tour based on the American Girl character Felicity, and it was awesome. We are pictured above with Felicity’s teacher, Ms. Manderly, who taught us to turn over our teacups and patriotically declare, “I shall take no tea!”

1999- Maine

1999 Cadillac Mt

I discovered my true love of hiking here at Acadia National Park, but we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain, shown in the photo.

1999- Rhode Island

1999 Newport RI

HUGE houses. I couldn’t even fathom living in one of the famous Newport mansions.

1999- New Hampshire

1999 Portsmouth NH

We channeled another American Girl, Molly of 1944. My sister was the youngest in the group so she got to hold the sign during our victory parade.

2000- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2000 Philly

The beds were so bad in this hotel room that my sister and I slept on the coffee table. I wrote a poem about the experience that earned me a Creative Writing Honorable Mention certificate when I was in high school.

2000- Disney World

2000 Disney AK

This trip is special because it was the first time we were able to visit the newest park, Animal Kingdom. Here we enjoy lunch in one of the many lush, green alcoves.

2001- San Francisco, California

2001 San Fran

My favorite part of this trip was Alcatraz, as shown above.

2001- San Simeon, California

2001 San Simeon

Hearst Castle was the big highlight here, aside from my teddy bear getting caught up in the bedsheets, going through the hotel laundry room, and receiving a lollipop and sticker for being a good little bear while waiting for me to claim him.

2001 Los Angeles, California

2001 LA

We saw lots of movie and TV sets, including Monica’s apartment from Friends. Too bad it wasn’t until about a year later that we really got into that show.

2002- Maine

2002 Maine Seawall

More hiking, much to my joy and my sisters’ dismay. Here we have some fun at the seawall.

2002- Prince Edward Island, Canada

2002 PEI

We stayed at a lovely family owned resort here, and I enjoyed my first parasail. Another highlight was the Anne of Green Gables house.

2003- Nassau, Bahamas

2003 Bahamas

My first “sit on the beach and do nothing” vacation. Hair braiding aside, I’m done with that for at least a decade.

2003- Disney World

2003 Disney

I am finally starting to look somewhat like an adult on this trip.

2003- Saint Augustine, Florida

2003 St Augustine

Forts and wooden schoolhouses galore.

2003 Williamsburg, Virginia

2003 Williamsburg

Unfortunately, we were too old to channel Felicity this time.

2004- Disney World

2004 Disney

We just cannot get enough of the magic! The fake background we are in front of is foreshadowing our next vacation.

2005- San Francisco, California

2005 San Fran

We rode many cable cars on this trip.

2005- Yosemite National Park, California

2005 Yosemite

Absolutely fabulous hiking.

2006- Disney World

2006 Disney Marj

I tagged along with a friend for an Easter trip. Our favorite memory was riding Expedition Everest for the first time.

2006- Wisconsin

2006 Wisconsin

The Dells were absolutely beautiful and, despite not really wanting to go in the first place, I enjoyed the trip immensely and would consider returning someday.

2006- Chicago, Illinois

2006 Chi

We visited the Sears Tower, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, and the Field Museum, along with a few other city sights.

2006- Cleveland, Ohio

2006 Cleveland

Rockin’, rollin’, and baseballin’ (so we basically toured the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in addition to catching an Indians game at the Jake).

2006- Disney World

2006 Class Trip WDW

My senior class trip. Yes, my high school rocked. Check out one of my teachers dancing down Main Street.

2007- London, England

2007 London

We hit all the big sights- even this unofficial must-do of peeking out of a red phone booth.

2007- Bath, England

2007 Bath

This is where my sister lived during her time abroad. It is a beautiful city where we were able to see our first rugby game.

2007- Wiltshire, England

2007 Stonehenge

How can you travel all the way to England and not see this?

2007- Disney World

2007 Grad Trip WDW

A graduation celebration trip with my high school friends. Yes, our parents rocked.

2007- Baltimore, Maryland

2007 Baltimore

A day trip from my college that provided a welcome distraction from my first semester homesickness. We had a lovely dinner near the inner harbor at twilight.

2008- Bethany Beach, Delaware


My college roommate and I spent sunny days and dark nights on the beautiful beach here.

2008- Las Vegas, Nevada

2008 Vegas

I couldn’t really do too much here yet, but I sure enjoyed the rooftop rollercoasters.

2008- Utah

2008 Zion

Zion National Park was home to many amazing hikes.

2008- Colorado

2008 Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park is on the short list of places that I can’t wait to return to. These cliff dwellings were just fascinating, not to mention fun to climb around.

2008- New Mexico

2008 Four Corners

The address of this little stop reads “NM”, so I guess it counts. Although I believe it was recently proven to actually be in the wrong place.

2008- Arizona

2008 Grand Canyon

The grandest of them all. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

2009- Key West, Florida


My favorite part of this city was visiting with Ernest Hemingway’s cats and seeing the studio where he wrote one of my favorite books.

2009- Disney World


After all these years, it is still one of our favorite places. Trying out another new ride for the first time on this trip- Mission Space.

2010- Maynooth, Ireland


This is the town where I lived during my five months abroad. I will never forget it!

2010- County Antrim, Northern Ireland

In addition to just chillin’ on the Giant’s Causeway, an amazing natural wonder, I also ran around in some castle ruins and crossed a seemingly precarious rope bridge.

2010- Belfast, Northern Ireland


Took off in a black taxi for the grand tour and learned a whole lot about this very interesting city.

2010- Edinburgh, Scotland


Two words can sum up my time in this city- castles and whisky. And boy, were they both beautiful.

2010- The Highlands, Scotland


I went Nessie hunting, dunked my face into a mystical river, met a giant hairy cow, hiked high into foggy hills, and wished I had more time to spend there.

2010- Dublin, Ireland


When my family came to visit, we saw all the sights, including Temple Bar.

2010- Kilkenny, Ireland


A lovely place to spend Easter Sunday. The view from the top of St. Canice’s Cathedral tower was lovely.

2010- Blarney, Ireland


Yes, I definitely kissed the stone!

2010- County Clare, Ireland


These epic cliffs are the most famous of what we saw in this rainy county.

2010- County Tipperary, Ireland


Our visit to this area began at the Rock of Cashel and ended at these ruins, called Hore Abbey.

2010- Killary Harbor, Ireland


I participated in lots of adventures and enjoyed beautiful views like this one in between.

2010- The Ring of Kerry, Ireland


Gorgeous weather for seeing Killarney, Ross Castle, and lots of other stunning vistas.

2010- Paris, France

IMG_1748 - Copy

My first short weekend to the mainland of Europe, where I got to put my high school language classes to use.

2010- Rome, Italy


A longer weekend filled with wine, pasta, and absolutely stunning old things.

2010- Vatican City


It was so spiritually satisfying to link these sights back to my traditions as a Roman Catholic.

2010- Soca Valley, Slovenia


A hidden gem in this vast world. One of my favorite places that I have visited. That’s me and my tour group on our raft, approaching some gentle rapids.

2010- Bled, Slovenia


The views of Lake Bled from this town are like something out of a storybook.

2010- Salzburg, Austria


I didn’t really come out of here with any greater of an appreciation for Mozart, but still a lovely city.

2010- Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


I wish it hadn’t been raining so much during my one afternoon in this cute little town.

2010- Prague, Czech Republic


Lots of interesting and very unique art dominated the short amount of time I was able to explore this city.

2010- Berlin, Germany


We chose this city at random to be a connecting point between Dublin and Cairo, but ended up loving it.

2010- Cairo, Egypt


The perfect place to start my tour. Absolutely amazing treasures are kept in the Egyptian Museum.

2010- Giza, Egypt


Before driving out to get this epic panorama, we were actually able to climb up the sides of this ancient wonder of the world.

2010- Aswan, Egypt


In addition to this stunningly gorgeous Philae Temple, we also saw the high dam and unfinished obelisk.

2010- Abu Simbel, Egypt


I think this is my favorite temple out of the many that I visited on this trip.

2010- Luxor, Egypt


After visiting this huge ancient religious site, The Karnak Temple Complex, we did a lot of shopping at the colorful local markets.

2010- Deir el-Bahari, Egypt


The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut was the last temple that I visited in Egypt.

2010- Dahab, Egypt


We visited a lovely resort here on the Sinai Peninsula for some sun, swimming, and relaxation after our long sightseeing trip.

 2010- Atlanta, Georgia


Some college friends and I were in town for a convention and saw quite a few sights including Centennial Olympic Park, the Varsity, CNN Studio, and of course, World of Coca-Cola.

 2011- Luray, Virginia


After ringing in the new year in Georgia, we road-tripped our way home. A drive through Shenandoah National Park was followed by exploring Luray Caverns.

2011- The Adirondacks, New York


My first trip post college graduation was a camping and hiking adventure at Piseco Lake.

2011- Disney World


It felt like it had been way too long! A “hen party” with my grandmother, great-aunt, aunt, mother, sisters, and cousins. Three generations of magic, and we had a blast. The photo features just the young “chickadees”.

2011- The Adirondacks, New York


We went back quickly to hike two more peaks- Algonquin and Wright.

2011- Lake Placid, New York


Taking a ride down the bobsled track at the Olympic Sports Complex was a fabulous idea.

2011- Williamsburg, Virginia


My third visit overall, first visit with my in-laws. A new experience for me this time was getting to ride in a carriage.

2012- Boston, Massachusetts


I followed Chris here when he visited on business and we were able to take in a few sights, including the Sam Adams brewery.

2012- The Catskills, New York


More camping and hiking adventures, including my first time riding a horse.

2012- Otis, Maine


We rented a house with another couple on Beech Hill Pond to celebrate the 4th of July.

2012- Bar Harbor, Maine


A wonderful whale watching trip from Bar Harbor gave us this awesome front row seat for a fully breaching humpback whale.

2012- Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Dollywood, the Dixie Stampede, and a whole lotta feeling like a Yankee.

2012- Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee


Nice hikes and epic thunderstorms.

2012- Schuyler, Virginia


We stopped here so that my mother, a fan of The Waltons, could see the inspiration behind the show.

2012- Disney World


My first visit with my future husband.

2012- Cape Canaveral, Florida


A fascinating display about space travel. I wish we’d had more time to spend here.

2012- Orlando, Florida

Pic F

While in town to visit Disney World, we made a few other stops, including Gatorland.

2012- Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvania


An autumn hike on the beautiful Falls Trail.

2012- Williamsburg, Virginia

Day 4 12

Another trip with my in-laws to their favorite place to relax after the holidays. In addition to Colonial Williamsburg, we also visited Jamestown and Busch Gardens.

2013- San Francisco, California


I followed Chris across the country for a long weekend in the Golden State. We ate a lot of sourdough and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

2013- Yosemite National Park, California


We took a very long and strenuous hike with a view that made it all worth it.

2013- Disneyland


Chris surprised me with these day passes, and I was able to visit California Adventure for the first time.

2013- The Catskills, New York

Zip 11

After deciding we wanted to try something new, we ended up at Hunter Mountain for an exhilarating zipline adventure.

2013- Saratoga Springs, New York


A random long weekend led us to the racetrack, where we finished $25 ahead!

2013- Paris, France

My second visit, where I got to take in the city with new eyes.

2013- Disneyland Paris


A small but beautiful Disney park, with lots of unique magic.

2013- Rome, Italy

So happy to be back among the truly historical ruins of this city.

2013- Florence, Italy

Absolute beauty, from the Duomo to the David and everything in between.

2013- Venice, Italy

The floating city was truly unique. We almost did not have this on our itinerary and added it at the last minute, which was a great decision.

2013- Versailles, France

To date, the most majestic and opulent building I have ever been inside of.

2013- Bennington, Vermont

An adorable little town and the perfect place to begin a motorcycle journey.

2013- Manchester, Vermont


The highlight here was Mount Equinox, a beautiful scenic ride into the hills that provided great views of the fall foliage and the monastery below.

2013- Waterbury, Vermont

A short and sweet stay here was anchored by a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s factory- sweet indeed!

2013- Newport, Rhode Island

Christmastime at three of the famous Newport mansions is certainly a festive and lovely event.

2014- Blakeslee, Pennsylvania

Ski 9

My first ski trip involved ski lessons, lots of pizza, and very few French fries.

2014- Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey

Mount Tammany made for a perfect Memorial Day hike.

2014- Columbia, New Jersey

9 Wolf

The 4th of July brought us back to the river area of Jersey, this time for kayaking, wineries, and wolf preserves.

2014- London, England

We fought some pretty hard jet lag and found lots to keep us awake.

2014- Vienna, Austria

After visiting here, I have a new appreciation for opera and zookeepers.

2014- Hallstadt, Austria


A quintessential Austrian town with a quintessentially creepy skull church.

2014- Salzburg, Austria


The hills were certainly alive (and Chris was a great sport) during our Sound of Music tour.

2014 Munich, Germany

Beer, Science, and old clocks. A pretty complete summation of our time in Munich.

2014- Bavaria, Germany


We started the day at the charming chateau of Linderhof and ended the day at Mad King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle.

2014- Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland


I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life flying over this beautiful town.

2014- Mannlichen, Switzerland

0 switz 2

We visited with a lot of cows here.

2014- Murren, Switzerland

3 p

As you can see from the photo, I absolutely will never forget this place!

2014- Bacharach, Germany


A somewhat sleepy but truly charming little town.

2014- Sankt Goar, Germany


Just a bike ride away from where we were staying, we ended up spending a lot of time here shopping for cuckoo clocks and touring castle ruins.

2014- Liverpool, England


A Beatles fan’s heaven! Wouldn’t mind coming back here.

2014- Windsor, England


A quick stop here just to see the famous Windsor Castle.

2014- Wiltshire, England


Don’t let this photo fool you- the weather here changed on us quickly and we ended up stuck in the rain.

2014- Disney World


A sibling trip to celebrate my older sister and brother-in-law’s 3rd wedding anniversary, Chris and my engagement, and my younger sister’s 21st birthday.

2014- Key Largo, Florida


Relaxation at its finest. Just what we needed after such a busy summer!

2014- Key West, Florida


The Rum & Reggae snorkel tour was the highlight of our time here. We also waited in questionable temperatures to take a photo with the “90 miles to Cuba” monument.

2015- Portland, Maine


Lots of snow and lots of food! We certainly did not leave hungry.

2015- Disney World


A conference in Orlando led to one day of magic.

2015- Montego Bay, Jamaica

View from the top floor of the hotel.

I spent a beautiful weekend at the Secrets Wild Orchid Resort to celebrate my friend’s wedding.

2015- Glenbrook, Jamaica


What a wonderful day we had swimming in the mineral waters, climbing up the tiny waterfalls, jumping from the trees, and taking in the scenery at Mayfield Falls.

2015- Boston, Massachusetts


Celebrated the 4th of July in this truly history city.

2015- Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod

Beaches, lighthouses, sand dunes, and potato chips.

2015- Atlantic City, New Jersey

AC Boardwalk Hall

Sister weekend! We didn’t win big, but we didn’t lose big either.

2015- White Mountains, New Hampshire

Our ride for five days, cooling its breaks along the Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire.

A motorcycle trip brought us to the top of Mount Washington and to other beautiful places in the area.

2015- Cooperstown, New York


After 16  years of being a baseball fan, I finally got to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. A highlight was checking out Lou Gehrig’s locker.

2015- Sydney, Australia


Where we started and ended our epic honeymoon.

2015- Melbourne, Australia


Spent a lot of time here trying to figure out cricket.

2015- Brighton, Australia


Met some lovely kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and wombats at the wildlife sanctuary here.

2015- Port Arthur, Australia


We learned so much about Tasmania’s convict history here.

2015- Cairns, Australia


This town is a great starting point for getting to the Great Barrier Reef.

2015- Daintree National Park, Australia


A stunning and somewhat thrilling place for a drive.

2015- Alice Springs, Australia


Sometimes called the birthplace of the Red Centre!

2015- Ayers Rock, Australia


The essential base for exploring Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

2015- Kings Canyon, Australia


A beautiful and sacred canyon.

2015- Auckland, New Zealand


So many fun things surround this beautiful city.

2015- Rotorua, New Zealand


A haven of geothermal activity and Maori culture.

2015- Christchurch, New Zealand


This pretty and charming town is still pulling itself out of the rubble of the infamous 2011 earthquake.

2015- Fox Glacier, New Zealand


Not much to do here but explore the big blocks of ice.

2015- Queenstown, New Zealand

AJH-KB-20151222-014-001-0002-Cam02 - Copy

Adrenaline, adventure, food, and fun, all against an epic backdrop.

2016- Constanta, Romania


Joining my husband here after he completed a project for work was a great idea! We began in Constanta to see the beaches, the caves, and this beautiful abandoned casino.

2016- Bucharest, Romania


So many cool things in this city, including the lavish parliament building and many pretty churches.

2016- Bran, Romania


The highlight of any trip here is of course the infamous Bran Castle.

2016- Athens, Greece


The ancient ruins in this city are simply second to none.

2016- Santorini, Greece


The iconic whitewashed houses perched along the steep coast made a fantastic setting for a beautiful sunset.

2016- Delphi, Greece


More ancient ruins, this time where the oracle once was.

2016- Meteora, Greece


There were so many beautiful vistas and mountaintop monasteries to see here- we were able to go inside of one and enjoy the views of many others.

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