Adirondack Extreme

What’s a weekend of relaxation without a little adventure?

That was our thinking when we made a reservation at Adirondack Extreme, an aerial treetop adventure course just a short drive from our cabin on Lake George. My parents happily stayed on the ground with my baby niece while my sisters, brother-in-law, husband, and I embarked on a pretty thrilling, somewhat scary, and totally awesome adventure high in the trees!

It was drizzling when we arrived, but we were told the only thing that would close them down would be extreme winds or lightning, so we should just be prepared to get a little wet. We signed our waivers, got strapped into our harnesses, and watched a brief safety video before heading over to the practice course. As we worked our way through the obstacles, we would be responsible for all of our own equipment, hooking ourselves onto the safety lines and attaching our zip line trollies. I had done quite a few extreme adventures before, including zip lines, bungee jumps, and high ropes, and never before had I been in charge of my own safety gear. The practice course was paramount for learning this, and once the staff member there thought we were ready, we stepped off on the first course.


The courses here are labeled with colors, starting at Green, followed by Blue, Silver, Pink, and Red. After completing all of those you had the option to pay extra and try Black, which was considered the most extreme. You must begin with Green, and then you simply continue, in order, as long as you are able. The courses get higher in the trees and more difficult to maneuver as you go on. Green was somewhat simple and not very high off the ground, while the others after that were much more testing! Obstacles we tackled included balance beams, monkey bars, Tarzan ropes, zip lines, Home Alone bicycle handle bar style rides, spider web-esque nets, bridges with missing planks, see-saw apparatuses, swinging steps…

Most of us seriously considered trying Red, but after working hard at all the other ones for almost two hours, we were too exhausted and so we ended our day after completing Pink. The helix ladder bridge, the toughest thing we tackled, was in Pink. Imagine a DNA style helix model, laid on its side connecting two trees. I was the first to cross it, and I found that the best way was to put my feet not on the ladder rungs but on the rope instead.


We finished our day with rides on the super zip line and enjoyed one last view over the trees. It had been raining most of the time we were there and so we were a little wet, but luckily we were able to enjoy the course when it was not crowded. There were a few other groups out there with us, but none ever got stuck behind us or caused us to wait. As we were leaving, the practice course was super busy and we were glad that we weren’t getting ready to begin!

The photos aren’t great, as it was drizzling the whole time and my not-quite-tech-savvy parents took them with cell phones from the ground. If you plan to visit the area, check them out at!

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