A Day on Lake George

Updated to include a few extra photos I found!


It had been a very busy year for my family, so when my parents floated the idea of renting a house on a lake for some summer rest and relaxation time, my sisters and I jumped on board! We ended up staying in the small and welcoming town of Bolton Landing, NY with a beautiful cabin overlooking Lake George. Lake George sits at the base of the Adirondack Mountains, so the area is incredibly picturesque. Our cabin had a wide outdoor deck where we could take in the stunning views, not to mention a pool/ping pong table, enclosed sun porch, and enough bedrooms for everyone.

We enjoyed a variety of activities during our long weekend there, but for our day actually out on the lake, we used a company called Bolton Boat Tours. I cannot praise this company enough, they come highly recommended! This company allowed us to have a private, three-hour tour with a captain who was very kind and knowledgeable about the area, sharing all sorts of interesting information and history with us as he guided our boat through the lake.


A family portrait with the Sagamore Resort.

It was really cool to hear about all the different flora and fauna around the area, and we learned a lot about other neat things to do on the lake. My husband and I have already decided that we have to come back someday to try camping on one of the islands! One of the most stunning things we saw was the Sagamore Resort Hotel. It was originally opened in 1883 and quickly became a hot spot for wealthy summer guests. It survived two fires and one major renovation before it was closed in 1981 and fell into disrepair. About two years later it was purchased and restored to its former grandeur, and today it remains one of the most luxurious accommodations on the lake.

After our little tour and history lesson, we took turns tubing off the back of the boat as we caught some wind and sped around. There was rain in the forecast for later in the day but luckily the sun held on! Soon the captain directed us to a small cliff on one of the islands- perfect for jumping! He kept the anchor down for a while and we enjoyed swimming in the refreshing water before returning to shore. It was a wonderful morning on Lake George!

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