My 1st Blogiversary

Happy 1st Blogiversary to me! One whole year ago I got the crazy idea to start writing my own blog. I had been reading blogs for so long that I can’t believe it took me so long to get up the nerve to start one. That first day that my blog went live, I still wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had no direction, no plans, my URL didn’t match my blog title… a lot can happen in a year, can’t it? Some of the big stuff:

I stood by proudly as my younger sister graduated from college.

I jetted off to Jamaica to watch one of my best friends get married.

My sisters and I escaped to Atlantic City for a girls’ weekend.

Boston, Mass was the backdrop for a 4th of July celebration.

I found out that come April 2016, I would have a little niece or nephew.

I said goodbye to my beloved Uncle Tommy.

We logged about 1300 miles on a motorcycle in one long weekend.

I married my best friend, surrounded by so many amazing family members and friends.

My husband and I had the honeymoon of a lifetime, spending five weeks traveling Australia and New Zealand.

…and that is really just scratching the surface! This blog has become such a wonderful outlet for me as I organize all of my photos and souvenirs from my travels, and it feels so good to be writing again. Though I also miss my campus, my friends, and the general college dorm lifestyle, writing is something I did an awful lot of in college and I never thought I would miss it so much! I truly hope I am doing Professors Bailey, Hastings, Hubbell, Kelsey, Mura, and Winans proud!

Perhaps the best thing that has come out of this yearlong blogging experience is you! I am so grateful for each and every one of my readers and I love hearing what you have to say about my posts. I also love reading all of your blogs- blogs about traveling, books, cooking, families, Disney, poetry, sports, and so many other things in between. You take me to places I haven’t been, teach me things I didn’t know before, and inspire me with beautiful stories and photos. Thank you for making my first blogging year a good one!

I still have quite a few more post to write before my honeymoon recaps are done. In the meantime my husband and I are working on planning out our summer, which will hopefully include a long road trip throughout North America. Looking forward to seeing what else comes my way as I continue this blogging adventure!

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