An Impromptu Hockey Night

My husband is currently working about 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia, and when I went to see him this weekend we unexpectedly took advantage of that great vantage point. Originally we had planned a Saturday night of new car browsing, dinner at an old favorite restaurant, and then dessert at a frozen yogurt place. But he suggested maybe heading into the city to find a new place for dinner, and maybe wandering around at bit as we have never actually been to Philly together. Well, a little research led us to realize that Philadelphia’s professional hockey team, the Flyers, had a home game ready to begin in less than two hours. Within about twenty minutes, we had visited StubHub, purchased two tickets and a parking pass, went to the hotel’s business center to print everything out, jumped in the car, and were on our way to the Wells Fargo Center!

A few years ago I had followed Chris to Boston, where he worked for a few weeks. While wandering around the city we had realized that there was a professional basketball game that evening- not only were we surrounded by people in green Celtics gear, we actually walked right past the arena. We considered stopping in to see if we could get tickets, but the following morning’s early wake up call and other little evening plans kept us from going. Every now and then we think back to that moment and wish we had just been spontaneous and gone to the game! We had that in mind when we were deciding about the hockey game- didn’t want to make the same mistake twice!


Our awesome view of the game.

There was a bit of traffic so it took a little over an hour to get there, but thanks to the parking pass that came with our tickets we were able to find a spot in a lot right next to the arena. We made it through security and to the ice just in time for the national anthem. Then the puck dropped and so began a really fun and exciting evening of hockey. The seats we had were just three rows up from the ice, which made plays on our end really thrilling to watch. Interestingly though, being that low meant that it was tough to see the other side. I have been to quite a few hockey games before, but none with that kind of view.

The Flyers won the game by an impressive six to zero score! And every single goal was fun to celebrate. We had a very unhealthy but totally delicious dinner of beer and popcorn while enjoying the game. It had been years since I’d seen a hockey game live and I forgot what a fun sport it is to watch. On the way back, we got to see the pretty city of Philly all lit up for the night, and I wish my phone had been able to capture it a little better. I’m so glad we decided be spontaneous and head out for the game- even though I love making plans, this just goes to prove that some of the best nights are totally unplanned!

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