Young & Jackson & Chloé



The beautiful building from the outside.

We were told that there were a lot of great restaurants in Melbourne, but one of them in particular was on our radar. There were four main reasons- a historical building, a delicious menu, an iconic piece of art, and a craft cider bar. Young & Jackson sits on the bustling corner of Swanson and Flinders in the heart of Melbourne, and it has three floors full of libations, good eats, and cozy atmospheres. During our day in Melbourne we were able to check out every one of those levels.

Around lunchtime we popped into the ground floor bar and enjoyed a very delicious meal in a very nice atmosphere. The mashed potatoes and vegetables were delicious and the beer selection was very extensive. Lunch was wonderful, but afterward we headed up to the second floor to visit Chloé. Chloé is a painting done by Jules Joseph Lefebvre in 1875. When the painting was brought to Australia for an exhibition, a doctor named Thomas Fitzgerald purchased it and it remained indefinitely in Melbourne. After the religious community objected to the painting being displayed due to the nudity of the model, it changed hands a couple of times before ending up with Henry Young and Thomas Jackson, who placed it in their hotel. Now it lives in the aptly titled “Chloé’s rooms”, which are relaxed lounges featuring large windows and comfortable couches on the building’s second floor.


On our way to Chloe.


We found her!

We headed back out into the city to see a few more sights before returning to go all the way up to the rooftop cider bar later in the afternoon. As an avid cider drinker I was very excited to see what was on tap. In addition to that, there is a vast collection of bottled cider from all over! We were able to try out six different new ciders while watching NFL Monday Night Football (on a Tuesday afternoon!) on the big flatscreens. The space is set with a turf floor, some bars along the wall, and a few very large tables, though at that time we nearly had the place to ourselves.

No matter what the occasion, it seems like Young & Jackson have a room that will suit your needs. Full meal? Snacks to munch on? Just drinks? Craft cider? Fine wine? Unique art? A comfortable atmosphere? They’ve got it all. I wouldn’t hesitate to return here if I ever find myself back in Melbourne!

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