What is Love?

Today is a day to celebrate love, in all shapes and sizes. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many different kinds of love. And when I got my first look at my professional wedding photos, I realized that my wedding day was filled love from every angle! Not just love between my husband and me, but love between siblings, love among friends, love from (grand)parent to (grand)child and back again, love spread around dozens of cousins… even love for this fantastic area I call home, with some of our wedding photos being taken at Liberty State Park, in front of arguably the most iconic view of downtown New York City. Here are just a few of my favorite moments from my wedding day, when some amazing people helped me see how many different things love can be.

Love is when your family helps you get ready.

Love is a child’s laughter.

Chris & Emily Wedding-165

Love is a bunch of giggling girlfriends.

Chris & Emily Wedding-129

Love is two families becoming one family.

Chris & Emily Wedding-391

Love is never walking alone.

Chris & Emily Wedding-501

Chris & Emily Wedding-519

Love is someone to hold in the dark.

Chris & Emily Wedding-525

Love is dads and daughters.

Love is mothers and sons.

Love is wisdom and inspiration from all four of your grandparents.

Love is singing to each other.

Chris & Emily Wedding-817

Love is more loved ones than you can count.

Chris & Emily Wedding-866

Love is jumping around with your cousins… no matter how old you are.

Love is capturing the moment.

Chris & Emily Wedding-890

Chris & Emily Wedding-910

Love is being silly.

Love is my life, and I have never felt luckier than I did on my wedding day surrounded by parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends… and somehow, in a room filled with over 160 guests, there were still moments when I felt like my husband and I were the only people on earth.

Chris & Emily Wedding-668

I will probably make one final wedding post chronicling the last details of our travel themed reception, including our signed guest board, the finished placecards, and a few other things that we managed to capture. We are SO CLOSE to being totally settled into married life, with my name change paperwork finally coming through and the thank you cards finally sent. Life is good- but how could a life filled with love not be?

Happy Valentine’s Day. Go tell everyone you love that you love them!

All photos in this post by Danny U Photography.

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