Weathering Winter Storm Jonas

24 inches of snow fell onto my neighborhood between late Friday night and early Sunday morning. My snowy Saturday was cozy as anything, with power, heat, and hot water staying on at full force. I got so much done, including two loads of laundry, a full kitchen organization, a big batch of lunches for the week, and an extensive vacuuming of every inch of the apartment. However, I didn’t have to sacrifice relaxation. A bubble bath, a chick flick, and a cup of coffee with a view of the snow falling out the window rounded out my day.


The view from Saturday- I love living right behind the nature preserve!

Sunday, however, was a different story. By 8:30am I was out in the parking lot with a smattering of neighbors, wondering if my plastic $5.99 shovel from Target was any match for the wall of snow blocking me from getting to my car. The toughest part was that the plows that went through only carved out a very narrow path right in the center of the road, so from my bumper to the edge of the plowing was a six food wide stretch of untouched snow that stood two feet high. By noon, me and my little shovel had managed to clear a path from the sidewalk to the road- score!


The wind helped keep one side of my car snow free… thanks?

But then I had to go inside for a twenty minute break to rehydrate and let the feeling return to my fingers. When I came back out I realized I had a few things on my side. One of them was the sun, which was out and bright and shining right on my windshield. My very courteous neighbor was on my side as well, helping me tidy up around my tires before he headed in for the day. Also, my left front tire has been losing air slowly and I was pleased to see that even through the storm it hadn’t lost too much. I still need to get it taken care of but knowing it will get me to and from work (less than three miles round trip!) for a couple more days is crucial as the area deals with the aftermath of this storm.

When I finally flopped onto the couch with a cup of coffee, a fluffy blanket, and an NFL playoff game, I had logged over five hours with a shovel! I was sore, chilled, and cranky but so glad it was done. Many school districts in the area have already announced their closings for tomorrow, probably due to concerns about getting school buses safely on the road. No notifications from my office yet, and I know it is wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it just be so nice to let the mess melt away a little more before I have to drive anywhere?

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