Tales from Home

I thought things would calm down after the crazy trifecta of wedding – honeymoon – holidays, but I forgot about one more very important event- moving! My husband and I are almost settled into our very first home together. It is a cozy one bedroom apartment less than 1.5 miles from my office. We are filling it with a strange juxtaposition of cheap furniture and expensive treasures we accumulated while traveling. Of course, life is still spinning around us even as we have so much to do. Going back to work after such a long break was very difficult, but my new commute (which is about 30 times shorter than my old commute) makes it a little easier. Luckily, we also had some other fun things to look forward to.

My cousin got married last weekend, and it was so fun to just enjoy the wedding without the pressure of being the bride! It was our first event as Mr. & Mrs. and we truly had a blast with all of my cousins. The food, the photo booth, the dance floor… and the epic view from the reception hall. We actually took some of our own wedding portraits just across from this restaurant and I am anxiously awaiting them- my photographer says just a few more days until I can see them!


We have come a very long way since last week!

The final thing that needs to be done before our new place really feels like home is get the TV and internet hooked up. Once we have WiFi, I will be able get more photos and blog posts about Australia and New Zealand ready to go!

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