We Escaped the Room!

This is actually a difficult post to write. See, I can’t tell you much about the Escape the Room adventure we did for Christine’s bachelorette weekend because that would ruin the game. But what I can tell you is that it is AWESOME!

Here are some basic details. There are a lot of companies that do interactive games like this, and the location we chose was called Escape the Room NYC on 31st Street in Manhattan. They have three different rooms you can escape from: The Office (10 players), The Home (6 players), and The Agency (8 players). We ended up at The Agency, which was secret agent themed. The room is meant for 8 players and it is $30 per player, so if we wanted to have the room to ourselves we would have had to buy the other two tickets because there was only six of us. We decided to take our chances and save the $60, and we ended up with two other guys in the room with us. They were very nice but the ladies dominated!

The experience began with our Clue Master reading us the rules. No photography allowed in the room, there is nothing on the ceiling so don’t climb the walls, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting or break anything, and the point of the game is to find the key which is hidden somewhere in the room. The time limit is one hour, which ticked away on a monitor. The monitor was also used for the Clue Master to give us little hints any time we were really stuck. He also showed us where an emergency key was located and made sure we knew it was not part of the game.

We were actually still asking questions when he was like, “Okay, bye!” and locked us in! I don’t want to tell you the specifics of the room because that would give away the secrets, but we had a ton of fun hunting around the room for clues and codes and keys and hidden messages. There were some red herrings, some moments that called for some silliness, and more than a few “OMG, duh!” moments. The game is so challenging that the Clue Master told us only 20% of groups that attempt actually escape- and we were one of them! But just barely. As the time ticked away to our final four minutes, the key was in sight but we needed a code to get our hands on it. We were running around the room like chickens without heads, looking for any last hints, frantically trying random combinations. Suddenly everything aligned, the key was tossed person to person bucked-brigade style, and one of the guys unlocked the door with just seventeen seconds to spare! Our Clue Master met us in the hallway, jumping up and down and cheering enthusiastically. I nearly had a heart attack!

After we all calmed down, the Clue Master walked us through the entire game. Some hints we understood perfectly, other things we got were just dumb luck. It really is ingenious how the game is put together, so clever and thought out. He also told us that the kinds of hints he gives on the monitor vary greatly from group to group, and that they always try to get people to a certain point in the story so that the game is always moving along. We needed about three hints, and one of them was for something so obvious we really shouldn’t have needed it at all! It is truly meant for people of all ages and skill sets. For example, our particular game called for a few math tidbits as well as map reading skills, general logic, and good memory. Everyone contributed at least a little bit (I am extremely proud to report that I discovered something totally epic that changed the game for us!) and everyone had a ton of fun.


Because we escaped, we got 25% off the merchandise in the shop so we all got shirts to commemorate the occasion. Then we took a victory photo! The group that came out while we were waiting to go in hadn’t made it, and they were holding up signs that said things like, “so close!” and “I’m with stupid”. The Clue Master told us that we were actually the first group to escape that day, which made our win feel extra special.

We were so pumped about winning that it was all we could talk about for the rest of the evening. It was even better than dessert at Max Brenner! I highly recommend giving one of these games a try. We can’t wait to go back and try another room! This location is on 31st street in Manhattan, and they have another location downtown. http://static.escapetheroomnyc.com/index.html

There are many other companies with similar experiences out there but I highly recommend this one!

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