Wanderlust Wedding Chapter 3: Map Flowers

We have made a lot of progress with our wedding plans, which is a good thing since we are less than 40 days away! The invitations have been sent, the guest book has been made, and quite a few other important things have been crossed off of the to-do list. There are still a few essential things that need to get done, tops among them being obtaining the marriage license and choosing the readings for our ceremony. Those are things that we can take care of quickly as soon as we decide we have the time. Other things, like making nearly 300 paper flowers, have to be done over the course of a few months. Luckily, we are almost finished with them!

Lots of flowers

Neither of us are terribly interested in real flowers, and we decided that if the girls were carrying real flower bouquets that would be enough. The huge, blinged out, real flower centerpieces just weren’t our style, we wanted something a little more rustic. Since our wedding has a travel theme repurposing old maps into flowers seemed like a fantastic idea. And the internet was right there to help us through!


After what seemed like hours of researching and trying out different designs, we settled on three different styles. A traditional rose shape to fill the vases, a closed rose to provide a little more variety to the bunches, and a lotus style to sit open and free on the table tops. I can’t even really tell you how to make them because there are literally hundreds of different ways out there on the internet. My advice is, don’t give up on a certain design just because the first one looks subpar. Try at least three or four before deciding it is too difficult to make or not the look you were going for. It is surprising how much better you can get with a little bit of practice!


Even with practice, I had a lot of trouble with the rose design. I guess I’m just not as crafty as my future husband! The lotus flowers, with the help of a special paper punch we got on eBay, were much more suited to my talent (or lack thereof), so my sister and I focused on those while Chris took care of the rose shapes. The paper punch is actually supposed to be a Christmas ornament, but it is truly the perfect size and shape for the lotus leaves! And the piece that sticks out of the top (where the ornament hook would go) offers the perfect spot for glue so we didn’t have to sacrifice fullness to make the flower secure. It is worth tracking that punch down if you want a great lotus, as I said before we stumbled across it on eBay.



For the vases, we found little candle lanterns at Family Dollar for $1 each- can’t beat that! Add a few bucks for the orange paint, and just a few more for the fake stems and this is turning out to be a pretty cost effective, if time consuming, venture. All the other tools we needed, like scissors and glue, we already had, and every single one of the maps we used was free. Most of them came from old road atlases that we found in the backseats of various family cars, while a few others were AAA maps that my parents had in the attic from pre-GPS days.

With Jar

Our reception venue is going to provide us with candles to complement our table décor, and we are also working on a centerpiece design that involves photos we have taken throughout our travels together. We aren’t quite done with these yet because we are still waiting to find out how many people are actually coming and how many tables we will actually need. But so far we are on a roll!

9 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wedding Chapter 3: Map Flowers

    • The roses were pretty tough because there were a lot of specific cuts you had to make in order to get the petals the right shape. The lotus ones were easier because of the petal punch!


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