A Very Sweet Bachelorette Party

If there is anything I am known for throughout my circle of friends, it is my sweet tooth. My college friends remember me eating things like Frosted Flakes cereal with French Vanilla Coffee Mate poured on top for breakfast, and cake batter ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with mini m&ms for dessert. My cousins recall birthday parties where I was served a GIANT piece of cake, big enough for three adults, and proceeded to simply lick all the frosting off without touching the rest. My sisters have seen me literally eat frosting with a spoon out of the can. And everyone knows that if it fizzes like a soda, I’ll probably load it with any possible flavoring I can get my hands on- vanilla Coke anyone? How about cherry Sprite? Vanilla vodka and wild cherry Pepsi together? Vanilla vodka and orange soda? Each and every one of those combos is delicious, by the way!


The sign was shining brightly through the rain!

When planning a bachelorette night, it only seemed right that a place called The Sugar Factory would have enough sweet libations to celebrate me. And so that is how I ended up, along with fourteen sisters, cousins, and friends, with a ridiculous veil on my head, at the cheesiest, corniest, sweetest, loudest, cutest, most crowded restaurant in NYC’s Meatpacking District.

While the rain was at its lightest, we stopped for a photo op with the NJ skyline.

While the rain was at its lightest, we stopped for a photo op with the skyline.

My sister made a reservation (which was an absolute must for a Saturday night) for us that included two appetizers, two entrees, a side dish, and two desserts. However, knowing that at places such as this you often pay for the atmosphere and wind up with subpar food, I bought two huge bags of chocolate as well as two packs of fun sized potato chip bags to stash in the limo bus. Speaking of the bus, that was another fantastic idea. The thought of trying to wrangle 15 people through trains and into cars was daunting to me, and I wanted to have a space where we could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. When it turned out to be downpouring all night, I was extra happy I had paid the money for the bus- definitely necessary.

Our home for the night- it even had a bathroom, which came in handy during Holland Tunnel traffic!

Our home for the night- it even had a bathroom, which came in handy during Holland Tunnel traffic!

Those extra snacks, however, turned out not to be necessary. The food was amazing! Maybe our expectations were just low, or maybe we were just super hungry, but it was all delicious! We started out with some fantastic bruschetta and truly unique fried mac and cheese pops, a firm favorite for all the cheese lovers. The main course included mini sliders, perfect French fries, and amazing rigatoni marinara. I hardly had room for dessert, which was red velvet cheesecake and a cookie sundae.

DSC09508 DSC09507

In addition of all of that, there were plenty of sugary concoctions to drink. I had the Lollipop Passion goblet all to myself. 60 ounces of melon, coconut, and pineapple liquors and juices topped with liquor soaked lollipops and a candy necklace too. Some other drinks that the other girls tried included the Ocean Blue (complete with gummy sharks), the White Gummi (topped with gummy worms), cotton candy cosmos, chocolate martinis, and root beer floats. Do you feel the cavities forming yet?

DSC09511 DSC09489

The waiters brought dessert out to me with sparkling candles in it and began to sing happy birthday, which was hilarious because I was wearing a white veil and a giant “bride to be” button. Birthday gaff aside, the manager and waiters were all friendly and efficient despite the incredibly crowded restaurant. On the way out, each of my guests were given a small Chinese food style box to fill with loose candy from the self-service shop, and everyone enjoyed munching on this during the bus ride home. Our plans to walk along the High Line were wiped out by the rain, so instead our driver took the long way home- which was perfectly fine as we were crashing from our sugar highs!

The candy princess was happy to greet us!

The candy princess was happy to greet us!

Even though the rain was pouring down all night, it was still a fun time. And even though it cost everyone $60 each (alcoholic drinks not included!) it was worth the money for this one time. Is this a place I would go every weekend? Absolutely not. It was far too loud, far too kitschy, and far too expensive. But am I glad I chose it for my bachelorette? Absolutely!

They boxed up all the leftover food for us, which made for pretty delicious lunches!

They boxed up all the leftover food for us, which made for pretty delicious lunches!

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