44 Years of Magic Kingdom

Apparently October 1st was a very important day for both outdoorsy people and Disney nerds! Shortly after posting about Yosemite, which became a National Park on this date in 1890, a friend on Facebook reminded me of another anniversary that I would find important- Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park opened on this date in 1971!

How did I not realize this? Well, 44 isn’t divisible by ten or five, so it hasn’t been publicized or anything. And the next real milestone, the big five-oh, has actually been on my radar for a while because I am really hoping to visit for the festivities in 2021. My family was there for the 25th, so I think it would be really neat to get back for 50th.

At any rate, I did not prep for this post in advance, so here is a smattering of Magic Kingdom photos from various Disney trips that I just happen to have stored at the ready. Enjoy the castle cake, the 90s attire, the ridiculous matching yellow shirts (yes, once we were “those” people), and the general Disney magic. Happy 44th, MK!

Meeting the main mouse!

Meeting the main mouse!


The iconic entryway.


Splash Mountain, one of Magic Kingdom’s headliner attractions.

Fire breathing float.

Fire breathing float during the current MK parade.

1997 Castle Cake

The cake was turned into a castle for the 25th birthday celebration.


Hen party at Disney World!


The train station, which is the first thing to greet you when you enter the park.

2 thoughts on “44 Years of Magic Kingdom

  1. Ahh yes, the Wonderful World of Disney. We have been there 4 times so far, so we are about “Disney’d Out”. However, it truly is a Magical place to visit and I do enjoy it. Most people do that go there. It’s nice to walk around the Magic Kingdom and see all the sights it has to offer. The only problem that I have being there is the crowds of people. There are so many. People from different parts of the World are there, so you hear different language’s being spoken, and they are so very friendly. I like when the Disney characters just seem to pop out of nowhere. The children, as well as us Adults, enjoy meeting and having our pictures taken with them. We just may return there in the future.


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