The Favorites Files

A fellow blogger, fellow Emily, and fellow future bride, Fantastic Em, posted this little survey yesterday and I thought it was a super fun way to help bloggers and readers get to know each other a little bit. In keeping with the theme I’ve included one of my favorite photos of me with my favorite person at my favorite place 🙂

Beautiful day at MK!

My favorite…

1.Place- Disney World. All happiness, all the time.

2.Person– My future husband is truly tops.

3.Color– Orange, as in the sunset.

4.Food– Pasta with red sauce or French fries with ketchup.

5.Smell– Anything woodsy, like pine trees or campfires.

6.Book– I love reading and I have so many! Umm, I guess I’ll go with… nope, I can’t pick just one!

7.Movie– I also love movies so this is just as tough as the last one! I’ll go with The Wizard of Oz. Or Apollo 13. Or A League of Their Own. Or…

8.Music artist– The Backstreet Boys. No shame.

9.Genre of music– I like most genres, pop, rock, and hip hop are probably my top right now.

10.Genre of literature– Autobiographies and chick lit fiction.

11.Magazine- Cosmo or Mental Floss.

12.Texture– Fluffiness.

13.Time of day– Early evening.

14.Day of the week– Friday.

15.Tumblr– I tried to use Tumblr but just couldn’t get into it.

16.Thing to do when bored– pick up a book and read.

17.Celebrity– No idea at the moment.

18.Class in school– Definitely English or Film.

19.Website other than Tumblr– I love WordPress, obviously. Or TripAdvisor.

20.Drink– Soda or anything with soda in it!

21.Precious stone– Sapphires.

22.Animal– Polar Bears.

23.Flower– Chrysanthemums.

24.Time in history– I love the 1940s-50s.

25.Font– I like fonts that look like handwriting.

26.Video game– Lego Star Wars. Very honorable mentions to Mario Cart and Rock Band.

27.TV show– My favorite of all time is Friends, but I also love reruns of I Love Lucy, The Facts of Life, and Psych while currently I’m watching Big Bang Theory, Switched at Birth, and Project Runway with regularity. I’m a bit of a TV junkie!

28.Play– I really enjoyed Once on This Island and Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, but I’m a sucker for any musical.

29.Sound– A crackling fire, cicadas and crickets.

30.Fruit– Apples.

31.Vegetable– Carrots.

32.Store/shop– REI.

33.Article of clothing you own– My Northface raincoat. I got it for 75% off on a clearance rack and it is the best raincoat I’ve ever had.

34.Fashion/style– My style is pretty simple. For work it is business casual, for weekends it is comfy and neat- leaning toward the preppy side.

35.Pattern– Plaid or polka dots.

36.Workout– Les Mills classes (esp. BodyAttack and BodyStep) or hiking/biking.

37.Quote– The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

38.Historical figure– Mother Theresa.

39.Boy’s name– My favorite names change often, currently I like Ciaran.

40.Girl’s name– Currently I like Chloe.

41.Potato chip flavor– Tostito (with salsa of course).

42.Meal of the day– Dinner.

43.Ice cream flavor– Cookie dough.

44.Soda– Vanilla Coke.

45.Popcorn flavor– Butter, butter, butter, and more butter.

46.Season– Fall.

47.Month of the year– October.

48.Word– Epitome.

49.Disney princess– All of them! I have a soft spot for Merida now, and Pocahontas was my favorite when I was little.

50.Insult– Insult? I really have no idea.

51.Joke–“knock knock” “Who’s there?” “John” “John who?” “John the Baptist!” ::pours water over the other person’s head:: My sisters and I used to do that one all the time!

52.Cussword– I don’t really cuss a lot, thought the F bomb can be used as pretty much any part of speech so that’s impressive I suppose.

53.Letter– M because that’s what people call me.

54.YouTube channel– I love the Honest Trailers movie channel.

55.Eye color– Green.

56.Memory– Far too many to name.

57.Dessert– Chocolate.

58.Candy– Smarties.

59.Restaurant– Chain would definitely be Cracker Barrel! Or anything Italian.

60.Lifehack– Spend the entire weekend cooking large batches of freezable lunches to make the workweek easier.

61.Language– I am fascinated by American Sign Language and I really hope to learn it someday.

62.Thing to learn about– history. I love knowing how things used to be.

63.Thing about yourself– My adaptability and compassion.

Fellow bloggers, if you have the time I’d love to learn more about you! Take the survey and let’s see what we have in common 🙂

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