Holy Donuts, Batman!


Underneath the chalkboard it says “Maine potato donuts from scratch”.

The first time I stopped at the Holy Donut in Portland was on the way home from my friend Allie’s Camden, ME wedding. I don’t actually eat donuts very often- too much protein for this PKUer. But Chris convinced me that the donuts here were “a worthy treat” so I obliged. And my goodness, were they worthy!

Checking out all the amazing flavors while waiting to order.

Checking out all the amazing flavors while waiting to order.

Real Maine mashed potato, not potato flour, is used in the baking of these donuts. The result is a perfectly cakey, not too dry, just right texture. They also have some fantastic novelty flavors. On our most recent visit there during our New England motorcycle trip, we got six total donuts. Three in our favorite flavor, chocolate salted, and three new ones to try- maple, cinnamon sugar, and cran-razz. The maple may have tied the chocolate salted for my favorite. Cinnamon sugar was very tasty too, and if you like raspberry (which I do not) Chris says that the cran-razz was delicious as well.


Some simple rules for ordering.

The line was out the door of the Exchange Street location when we arrived but the staff work very quickly so we didn’t actually have to wait too long. There are few tables scattered around if you want to sit down and enjoy your treat, but they also have to-go boxes in a variety of sizes. I have never visited the other location on Park Avenue, but I’m sure they are just as good. Make sure you get to one of them fast because they are only opened until all the donuts are gone! Check them out at www.TheHolyDonut.com for hours.

On a side note, their website proclaims that they believe “donuts can be wholesome and made with healthy ingredients and still be intensely pleasurable and delicious”. How can I not get on board with that!?


Our haul included a cran-razz (on the left, with pink frosting), a cinnamon sugar (center), more than one dark chocolate sea salt (on the right, though one may have already been eaten!), and underneath a teeny bit of the maple donut is peeking out.

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