Wanderlust Wedding Chapter 2: The Invitations

You may be wondering why I haven’t made a post all week, and the answer lies within a shimmery ecru envelope… or should I say 100 shimmery ecru envelopes! With our travel-themed wedding now less than two months away (yikes!) it was time to get the invitations out.

Finding a style we liked was surprisingly simple. I Googled “travel themed wedding invitation” and ended up on the website of a printing company that was showcasing an invitation they called “global romance”. A yellow hued, old school map made up the background for the heavy square, while a textured golden frame bordered the sides and a raised font dotted the middle. They were reasonably priced to boot!

Here's a little sneak peek! I just love the way the map fades into the background.

Here’s a little sneak peek! I just love the way the map fades into the background.

With Chris already gone on his first work project of the season, my sister (who is also my Maid of Honor) was my right hand man for this process, helping me choose the right wording and phrases for all the various pieces we would need. I emailed everything to Chris to make sure he approved, and when he did everything was ordered and subsequently arrived right on time.

But there was still a little roadblock we had to overcome. All the different cards were perfect- the invitation, the reception card, the accommodation information, the response card… and then there were the envelopes. Rather than shimmery ecru square envelopes with my parents’ New Jersey address printed on the back in carefully selected curvy script, I was given rectangular ivory envelopes with a Texas address on the flap. That certainly wasn’t going to work. This of course happened on Friday, which meant that even with the company overnighting the correct envelopes to me at no charge, I wouldn’t be able to take the whole weekend to stuff them like I’d planned.

I'm sure there is a couple in Eustace, Texas bemused by the NJ address they found on their envelopes!

I’m sure there is a couple in Eustace, Texas bemused by the NJ address they found on their envelopes!

They arrived on Monday morning just as I was told they would, in all their square, shimmery, ecru glory, and from Monday to Thursday, from 6pm to 10pm, my sister and I were working. Typing labels, printing labels, typing direction cards, printing direction cards, stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes, and affixing stamps takes a lot longer than you might think when you are talking about 90+ invitations. The other thing that added a lot of time to the process (and pretty much the only thing we actually did on Monday night) was lining the envelopes.

A liner + glue dots = a beautifully lined envelope!

A liner + glue dots = a beautifully lined envelope!

Envelope lining was an option on the website for just $40 more, so I figured that would be a really neat extra touch. I would have appreciated knowing that I had to actually line them myself! The glue dots they provided had a habit of sticking to everything except what you wanted them to stick to at first, but after a few tries I got the hang of it. Not difficult, but very time consuming! I hope my guests appreciate my map lined envelopes!

Finally I was able to pile them all into a shopping bag. We did one final run through our list and made sure that every name was checked off, and on the way to work I bid them good riddance, dropping each and every one (with $1.20 in postage affixed to each to account for a square shape and a bit of extra weight) into the mailbox outside of my office.

Next stop, the mail box!

Next stop, the mail box!

I am so happy we were able to find invitations that were classy and traditional, yet still embody our wedding’s travel theme. And I’m extra happy that they are now in the mail! We’ve been busy with other wedding things, like dress fittings, paper map flowers, centerpieces, and song selections. Another update coming soon!

Very special thanks to: my sister, for helping with everything; my mother-in-law, for confirming some addresses; my local Staples, for always having the right shade of card stock; the envelope moistener, because obvious reasons; and lastly, the MVP of the whole project, my printer. You may sound like a dying robot, but 100 labels and nearly 300 direction cards later you are still alive and for that I thank you.

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