The Minute Montages: 60 Seconds (or so) in Rome and Vatican City

I began these minute montages after accumulating large amounts of video during my travels as a way to efficiently share my memories with family and friends. I also have tons of fun editing the videos- it is like I get to relive my trip! You can find out more about why I made them by going back to my first minute in London.

Today, I’ll take you to Rome and Vatican City! Here’s what you’ll see:

Spanish Steps

Unfortunately much of what you do in this area is try to avoid people forcing you to buy fake flowers. Still a beautiful area though.

Trevi Fountain

Catch a quick glimpse of yours truly as I toss my penny in backwards, along with droves of other tourists.


Lovely inside and out, as you can see. I have a special affection for this building ever since making a Styrofoam model of it for Latin class in high school.

Vatican Museum

Truly gorgeous artwork lives in this museum. Unfortunately the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which I deemed most gorgeous of all, is protected from photography.

Saint Peter’s Square

A long line kept us from getting inside, but I didn’t mind as I was able to see the inside on a previous visit.

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Also known as the Wedding Cake!


Quintessential Roma. Thinking about the events that took place here is mind boggling. A huge and very interesting stop on any touring itinerary.


Take a quick peek at the heart and soul of the Ancient Roman Empire. It is so cool to walk where they walked!

Piazza Navona

We stopped here for a lovely dinner complete with a view of the fountain and live music.

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