Our Engagement: One Year Later

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since Chris asked me to marry him! Our wedding is only 117 days away now and we have been keeping very busy with wedding plans, honeymoon research, work, family, and our everyday lives.

July 27th, 2014 was an amazing day even before this amazing moment. It began with a wonderful hike along the rim of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland, listening to the cow bells and searching for edelweiss. In the early afternoon, we caught some wind with a thrilling paraglide over the valley. I’ll be able to detail that adventure in a later post, but keep in mind it is an absolutely fabulous addition to any itinerary that brings you to the Swiss Alps. Later on, we visited Trummelbach, a series of waterfalls set deep into a rock face. We wandered through caves and around ledges, up slippery tunnels and down steep steps.

Afterward, I was very tired from our long day, but Chris had his heart set on eating dinner at a certain restaurant in a nearby town called Murren. The cable car stop was just a short walk from our hotel, and we could take it to Grutschalp and hike to Murren. It was long but not very strenuous, and this restaurant would be worth it. Then we could take a different cable car from Murren back down to the valley floor and catch a bus to our hotel.


I was skeptical, but agreed. At first it was really lovely. The views from the hike were outstanding, and as promised, it wasn’t too strenuous. But soon a misty rain was falling, my tired feet were crying out to me, and my empty stomach was rumbling with hunger. I was beyond relieved when we finally reached Murren and I could see the restaurant.

So it was very shocking when Chris kept walking right past it, saying he knew there was a scenic overlook just down the road and he really wanted to get a photo there before it got dark. I am not proud to say that I was pouting as followed him, though the phenomenal view certainly helped. Chris set up the tripod, which he had been carrying around all day even though I took every opportunity to remind him that we could take satisfactory photos without it. Before I knew it, he was down on his knee next to me holding out a beautiful ring!


Back when Chris and I first met, I was fresh off of a semester abroad and beyond ready for more travels. Chris had only been on two airplanes his entire life and had never left the continent, but he had already crossed off over 40 US states thanks to extensive roadtripping. Travel was one of first things we found in common and is still our favorite hobby together. Falling in love with someone who shares such an important passion is a huge blessing. We have had so many adventures together so far and I know there are many more awaiting us.

As we get closer to our big day I just might share some tidbits about our travel themed wedding, so stay tuned!

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