Potato Chip-less Cape Cod

Sand dunes, light houses, vast beaches, and ocean waves were not easy to find within Boston’s city limits. While we had a great visit over Independence Day, we were ready to escape to fresh air and open skies. Taking a detour to Cape Cod on our way home was the perfect way to add a little bit of fresh breath into our weekend.


We stopped here at the visitors center for some great advice on the best places to see.

We drove by Coast Guard Beach and the Nauset Lighthouse without stopping thanks to a lack of parking, unsurprising on a truly beautiful day that was also part of a holiday weekend. We actually made a loop and went around twice to make sure we could soak it all in- windows down, sea breeze coming through, sand dunes rising up on either side, and that red and white lighthouse waiting ahead. It was familiar because my family members are all fans of Cape Cod potato chips, and Nauset is the lighthouse featured on the bag. I had wanted to take a tour of the company’s factory but unfortunately they are only opened on weekdays.

Nauset Lighthouse.

Nauset Lighthouse.

The ride was lovely as we drove further out, finally stopping at Race Point Beach for a little time on the sand. This beach is pet friendly and it was quite fun to watch the dogs jumping through the waves. The sand was nice and soft and the view gorgeous as we soaked in the sunshine.

Race Point Beach.

Race Point Beach.

Next we walked a bit of the beach forest trail, which was simply pretty and serene. The trees provided some much appreciated shade and though we had to fight off some bugs, it was very lovely. There were some great views through the trees of ponds and hidden trails that we took some time to explore. We were passed by tons of bikers and we wished we’d had more time because renting bikes and doing the entire trail seems like it would make for a fantastic activity.


Pretty path, perfect for bikes.


Amazing how a whole forest can grow out of a sand dune!

Lovely lily pads.

Lovely lily pads.

When lunchtime arrived, we stumbled upon Provincetown and figured it as good a stopping point as any. It is a cute and quaint waterside town dotted with souvenir shops and surrounded by sailboats. A jaunt around, a decent lunch, a last look at the water, and we were on our way.

The edge of Provincetown.

The edge of Provincetown.

Cape Cod is a lovely place, much more than just beaches. I definitely hope to return for a longer stay someday.

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