The End of a Jamaican Journey

All good things must come to an end. Sadly, our little stay in paradise was over before we knew it. You can read about our all-inclusive resort, or the fabulous wedding of my beautiful friend, or our awesome day trip to Mayfield Falls in other posts. The final time that the whole crew from Tina’s wedding was together was at the bonfire, which we barely made it to after our long day at Mayfield Falls. Fabulous music, a huge fire, and s’mores supplies (slightly melted in the heat, but if you are going to put it over the fire anyway…) made a memorable evening.


The bride making s’mores over our little fire, with the big fire burning down on the jetty behind her.

Afterward a few of us reconvened at Bordeaux, the French restaurant on the property. We weren’t allowed to sit inside because all of the guys were wearing shorts, which is a no-no according to their upscale dress code. Pants aside, it was a pleasant final meal, and we all hung out long after the plates were cleared and glasses were empty, willing it to last just a little bit longer.


The fabulous Kevin went around this traffic circle twice to ensure we got a good photo.

The following morning Kevin, the same driver who had picked us up at the airport, met us at the hotel to take us back for our flight home. He took a slight detour around town so that we could “say goodbye”, making a circle around the big Montego Bay sign to be sure we got a good photo and once again pointing out fun places on the Hip Strip. This man was truly a shining example of good customer service and friendliness. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about taxis, crowded shuttles, or anything like that in between the airport and the resort.


I love photography from planes! Check out all the different shades of water as we enjoyed our last looks.

We did some last minute gift shopping at the duty free store, picking up bottles of Jamaican rum for ourselves plus family and friends. In a truly pleasant twist from what happened on our way down, both Chris and I were able to be upgraded to Business First, and I savored my flight in a big cushy seat.


So many cool clouds made the journey home a little more interesting.

We watched the clouds go by and tried to enjoy the final hours of vacation before we landed in Newark. It was a fantastic trip, one we probably never would have taken if it hadn’t been for Tina’s wedding. Usually we prefer sightseeing in cities and camping in forests rather than beaches and resorts, but this experience might have changed my tune a bit. I think I would jump at the chance to return to Jamaica and would definitely consider all-inclusive resorts at other tropical destinations. Guess you just never know until you try!

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