Atlantic City, Here We Come!

It is no secret that my sisters are two of my best friends and two of my favorite travel buddies. When my younger sister’s college graduation was approaching, my older sister and I wanted to do something really special for her. After some consideration, we planned this minibreak to Atlantic City! My older sister has been a few times before with her husband and friends. My younger sister visited for a quick weekend with a high school friend last year. I was there briefly, for a few slot machine plays and one delicious dinner in honor of a cousin’s birthday. Since we have never visited together and it is only about a two hour drive from home, it seemed like the perfect “Girls Weekend” destination. We have plans for all that girly nonsense- dressing up, Italian restaurants, fruity cocktails, pools, beaches, outlet shopping, seeing a show…

Of course it isn’t exactly a “weekend”. Midweek prices are such a great bargain compared to Fridays and Saturdays that we are heading down on Wednesday night and returning on Friday. But I’m sure it will be two vacation days well spent!

I’ve still got a word in with the kind-but-completely-useless folks at CVS about the rest of my Jamaica photos. I’m so eager to share my river trip with you all, but it looks like it will be another week or so. I have also just returned from a perfect Fourth of July weekend in the great city of Boston Mass, which I’ll be sharing when I get back from Atlantic City!

After that I’ll be staying put for a little while, at least until the next wave of wanderlust hits me!

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