This Weekend’s Playlist: Shipping Up to Boston for Independence Day!

On a complete and utter whim, Chris and I decided to go to Boston this weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July! We hope to make the most of the long weekend, see some sights, visit some good restaurants/bars, hopefully find a little bit of time to relax and maybe even check out another part of Massachusetts as well. Here are some songs I’ll make sure we listen to on the way. I’m certain we’ll get stuck in enough traffic that we’ll need to fill in the gaps though!

Shipping Up to Boston – The Dropkick Murphys

Because, apparently, you simply cannot have a Massachusetts playlist without the Dropkick Murphys (or so some people have told me).

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

I am a Yankee fan, always have been and ever will be. But I have seen this song unite Red Sox fans on multiple occasions, and so I want to give it due glory as a Boston song.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (theme from Cheers) – Gary Portnoy

Cheers was arguably one of the most iconic sitcoms of the semi-modern era. The show took place at a bar in Boston, which is now a tourist attraction. It helps that the song is super catchy on its own.

Boston – Augustana

A bit of a change of pace, but a still a great song. An ironic spin from the last one on my list, as this one remarks, “I think I’m going to Boston / I think I’ll start a new life / I think I’ll start it over / Where no one knows my name”.

Shot Heard ‘Round the World – Schoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouse Rock just rocks! Listen to this one and learn about the Boston area’s role in the American Revolution.

Wicked Little Critta – They Might Be Giants

In case you want to tahk like you’re from Bahston.

Roadrunner – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

I only vaguely knew of this song before decided to make this playlist, but it has a lot of references to the Boston area.

Rock and Roll Band – Boston

I just couldn’t have a playlist about Boston without a song by Boston, now could I?

And a few bonuses because it is also the Fourth of July…

God Bless America – Mannheim Steamroller

I love this group’s instrumentals, mostly for Christmas songs. But they did a few patriotic arrangements too and this is one of my favorites.

This Land is Your Land – Woody Guthrie

A great and somewhat patriotic road trip song, it was always a music class/choir rehearsal staple when I was a kid and I really do love it.

The World Turned Upside Down – Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg

Music like this will take you back to that revolutionary time in our country’s history. There is nothing more patriotic than the sound of fifes and drums.

Golden Dream – Disney’s American Adventure

This is from one of my favorite shows at Epcot’s World Showcase in Disney World. Moving music and inspiring lyrics are perfect for the Fourth of July.

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