A Saturday at Seaside

There is a processing delay with some of the photos from our last two days in Jamaica. Boo! Taking photos is one of my favorite parts of traveling, so I’m getting a little antsy. Meanwhile, I’ll get you hungry and tell you about a sweet Saturday we spent down at the Jersey Shore.

5 way down

Not surprisingly, I spent the entire day eating. I am so healthy during the workweek that it is really hard not to splurge and go crazy when the weekend rolls around. On Friday night we headed down the shore, along with thousands of others who were eager for the summer to begin. Saturday was supposed to be a nice day, and even though it wasn’t, we made the best of it with some awesome snacks.

4 beach

We woke up early and went to the boardwalk, where a misty rain greeted us. The beaches were nearly empty in some places and positively packed in others, thanks to a soccer tournament going on. Despite the icky weather, the kids seemed to be having a blast, and even though I wouldn’t call myself a soccer fan, we sat down for a little while and really enjoyed watching the games.

6 soccer

As soon as I saw that the Kohr’s was opened I was craving some traditional soft serve, but first we stepped into a candy shop called Van Holten’s. Initially we were just going to look around, but we ended up stocking up on fudge! My favorite flavor is vanilla, which they had along with some other classics- chocolate, peanut butter, nut, etc. They also had a huge selection of really unique flavors, like Funfetti, Snickers, salted caramel… we ended up buying three fun and fancy flavors- orange creamsicle, sugar cookie, and Cinnabon. My new favorite turned out to be the sugar cookie. Two layers of vanilla fudge with sugar cookie dough in between made the perfect snack for a sweet tooth like me!

1 fudge

In case you were wondering, fudge shopping didn’t stop me from going to Kohr’s for the traditional orange and vanilla swirl soft serve. We enjoyed our ice cream while watching the last of the sandy soccer tournament and found it to be a pleasant way to end our time on the boardwalk, even though the drizzle was still coming down.

3 ice cream

And when the rain continued into the evening, we headed for the movie theater to see Inside Out, the new Disney Pixar movie. I won’t spoil it, but I will tell you that it is beautifully made and wonderfully funny, though it did make me cry (but I’m totally a weeper, so don’t go by me). During the movie I ate a perfect portion of popcorn with some fruit snacks to balance it, along with a small soda compliments of the Kid’s Pack. Hopefully theaters never start putting age restrictions on their child combos, because I still find it to be the best way to get a decent sized movie snack.

2 movies

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