The Creative Blogger Award

We interrupt these trip reports about Jamaica for my first WordPress award experience- I’m still pretty new to the world of blogging so I hope I do this right! I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by the fabulous Sweater Giraffe! According to the rules, I must post five facts about myself and then nominate five more bloggers. Let’s see how this goes!

Creative Blog Award

1 I love all kinds of movies.

Seriously. I love animated family films, R rated comedies, epic action flicks, classic rom-coms, scary thrillers… I also love movies from pretty much any time period, from silent films through Hollywood’s golden age all the way up to modern masterpieces. This is why being a film studies minor in college was awesome. For my International Film class, our homework once was to eat some ramen (which our professor actually provided us with) while watching an awesome movie called Tampopo, (which is basically about ramen). Best. Assignment. Ever.

I also love the experience of going to the movies. In today’s world we can watch movies pretty much instantly no matter where we are, but I still prefer the movie-going experience- huge screen, bag of popcorn, previews and all.

2 I dabble in poetry.

I have always loved silly, rhyming poetry simply for its creative essence. I took a few great classes on it in college and in quiet moments I often attempt to write my own poems. Usually, I don’t get very far, or even far enough to want to share the results, but I still enjoy the process of finding words that rhyme and experimenting with different meters.

When asking my bridesmaids to be in my wedding, I wrote each of them a personal and original poem and I had way too much fun with it. Major shout out to the words “bride” and “side” because I think I ended every single one with some variation of “will you stand by my side when I am the bride”.

3 Disney World is my happy place.

If you have clicked around my blog at all, you may already know this. I take tons of mini-trips to Disney World in my head, whenever I need a dose of joy. The real world has hardened me. I wish it hadn’t, but bad guys win sometimes, and it really gets to me. I like escaping to the world of fantasy where mice wear white gloves and princesses find their prince charming. Where you can travel to outer space, to the depths of the ocean, and to over ten different countries all on the same day. Where you can eat ice cream, sing silly songs, and wish upon a star. It simply makes me happy, and life is too short to let happiness pass you by.

4 My family has nicknamed me “Emily Dilemmaly”

All of those silly bad luck clichés (Flat tire when you are late for work? Broken heel on your favorite shoes? One size up is in stock, one size down is in stock, your size is out of stock?) have happened to me so often that my sisters bestowed this this moniker upon me. I think the tipping point was when the doctor said the “tiny kidney stone that would pass on its own, no worries” had become the “tiny kidney stone lodged in a dangerous place that would now require surgery”. Yup, that was quite a dilemma and it was just my luck.

5 My screen name comes from Middle English.

Right around the time everyone was telling me I should join Twitter, I was in college taking two amazing classes, History of the English Language and Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (both taught by a fabulous professor who also happened to be my academic advisor and literature spirit animal, Dr. Karen Mura). I wanted my Twitter handle to be something creative yet classy- “normal” enough that I would be comfortable with my future employer seeing it but interesting enough to not just be my name with some numbers. I was reading so many Old and Middle English texts in those two classes that I slowly realized the answer was right in front of me all along. My first name and middle initial (Emily K.) have become Emelye_Kay. That’s my Instagram now as well, so feel free to go follow!

And here are my nominations! Go check out all of their awesome blogs:

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Thanks again to Sweater Giraffe!

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