The Minute Montages: 60 Seconds (or so) in London

When I returned from my first vacation that involved a camcorder, I had a ridiculous amount of video. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) editing, viewing, clipping, and organizing all of it. People would say, “Oh, I’d love to see your videos!” but I’m not sure they meant it. Sure, they were probably genuinely interested in how my trip went, but that doesn’t mean they wanted to watch a six minute clip of the Versailles garden fountain show (six minutes is a really long time when you are talking about a stream of water waving back and forth).

So I came up with the idea of minute montages- the highlights of a particular place set to music, so that my friends and family can enjoy seeing what I saw without having to sit through something as long as the entire “it’s a small world” ride (don’t get me wrong, I love classic Disney as much as the next person, but did I really have to record the entire thing?).

First up (for no particular reason) is London! Here’s what you’ll see in this quick minute:

Abbey Road

Chris is a huge Beatles fan, so this was our first stop. Probably the most amusing thing about it is watching tourists stop in the middle of the road and listening to drivers attempt to rush them along.

The Parliament Building & Big Ben

Turns out Big Ben is actually the nickname for the bell, not the tower. Who knew? Either way, these buddy buildings come together to make a stunning display of structure.

Westminster Abbey

Gorgeous and glorious and old, the facade of this abbey is simply grand.

Buckingham Palace

The gilded gates and imposing mansion are impressive to be sure, but the highlight of a visit here is watching the iconic guards, with their red coats and distinctive hats, march along the stone walls.

The Tower of London

Due to scheduling conflicts we didn’t get to go inside on this trip (I was able to explore back when I visited with my family in 2007) but we did get a quick glimpse of the area from the outside.

Tower Bridge

We didn’t actually cross it, but you don’t need to get too close to see how gorgeous it is. Actually, the impressive span is well appreciated from from many distances and angles.


A quick look at the legendary awning. If you are looking for it, they have it at Harrods.

The London Eye

Paying extra for a glass of bubbly proved an excellent decision. Views of all over the city are impressive, but I especially love the view of Big Ben & The Parliament building from up high.

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