A Rollercoaster Kind of Day

Saturday looked like it was going to be an absolutely beautiful day, and after realizing that with an online promotion we could save $40 on our tickets, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go to Hershey Park. I haven’t been there since I was six or seven so I was really looking forward to trying out the “new” coasters. Many of them aren’t actually new, just new to me because I haven’t been there in so long!

On the Hershey Park website, they have a really wonderful promotion. If you buy your ticket online before May 31st and use it before July 31st, you save about 30% off the ticket price- so the two of us got into the park for $83 total instead of $124 total! The only catches being that you must purchase online before May 31st and you must use the tickets before July 31st. It was a great deal for us! We ordered and printed the tickets first thing in the morning, tucked them into the saddlebag, put on our gear, and hopped onto the motorcycle for an absolutely gorgeous hour long ride to the park.


Naturally I was craving chocolate all day, but before eating anything we had some rollercoasters to ride! First up was Great Bear, a looping suspended coaster which was a great way to begin the day. We were able to ride this again later in the afternoon with practically no wait, and we got to sit in the front row. Pretty cool!


Fahrenheit’s initial ascent.

Next we had a series of three that shared many similar qualities but were all awesome in their own way- Storm Runner, Skyrush, and Fahrenheit. All three are high steel coasters that start with very steep (practically vertical) drops. We were able to ride Fahrenheit next. This one sends you up the initial ascent almost completely vertically- and somewhat slowly, which builds the anticipation! While waiting in line we just happened to run into Chris’s cousin, who was visiting the park on a day trip from her college. Small world!

As seen from the kissing tower- the yellow coaster in the back is Skyrush, the dark one in the front is Great Bear.

As seen from the kissing tower- the yellow coaster in the back is Skyrush, the dark one in the front is Great Bear.

Skyrush, though it doesn’t have any loops, is probably the wildest of the three. It reaches speeds of up to 75mph and, with no shoulder restraint, offered this incredibly freeing feeling! It almost felt like I was going to fall out of the top of it. To be clear, I definitely wasn’t, the lap restraint is so tight it nearly cuts off circulation to the legs! You get thrown around quite a bit but of course, on a rollercoaster, that’s half the fun.


The red track seen here from the Kissing Tower is Storm Runner.

DSC_0542Storm Runner, the shortest out of these three big coasters, features a white knuckle blast off from 0-72mph in 2 seconds! It was quite a thrill even if the rest of the ride is over in the blink of an eye. It included tons of barrel rolls thought, which I think are the most fun.

After we’d tried all the steel coasters at least once, we made our way to the kissing tower to see the view from the park from high above. You actually get a fascinating view of the coasters from up here! It was a nice relaxing diversion in an otherwise adrenaline filled day. On our way out of the tower we ran into a life size Hershey kiss and stopped for a photo op like any good tourist. Then we continued on to tackle some wooden coasters, including the racing coasters and the Wildcat. After riding the smooth, modern steel varieties, the wooden ones feel quite jerky and a bit bumpy. Even so, I have always felt that wooden coasters have some valuable nostalgia and I make sure I don’t miss them when I visit an amusement park. Another thing we didn’t miss is food. We had a pretzel twist as a midmorning snack, sandwiches for lunch, a huge bucket of delicious crab fries somewhere along the afternoon, and we finished our day with some good old Hershey’s chocolate. Somehow we managed to arrange all of this so that we never had anything to eat within about twenty minutes of riding a rollercoaster. Not an easy task, but we did it. Aside from having to buy a pair of $10 sunglasses at a sundry shop after realizing I had left mine at home, everything was pretty much perfect. It was a sweet day to be sure!

View from the parking lot on our way out.

View from the parking lot on our way out.

2 thoughts on “A Rollercoaster Kind of Day

  1. I love rollercoasters- the more thrilling, the better! I was at Point Pleasant quite a few years ago, can’t remember much about it. More recently my family has landed in Wildwood for beachy weekends, there are some quality coasters on the boardwalk there!


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