March of Memories Chapter II: Little Lamb

In celebration of the end of March, my second favorite Ireland memory.

One of our many scenic stops was this gorgeous beach.

One of our many scenic stops was this gorgeous beach.

The International Society at the college I attended was a really fun group. Once a week they had movie nights that I really enjoyed, and once a month they went on long weekends to other parts of Ireland. For most of the trips I was tied up with other plans, but there was one I was able to get on that went to the Ring of Kerry. A cloud of volcanic ash was disrupting airspace at the time and lots of flights were canceled, so I was happy to have a bus trip rather than a plane trip planned. The bus ride was long and the hostel was noisy, but the town where we stayed (Killarney) was cute. On our first full day, we took a bus tour around some of the most scenic spots. While I very much enjoyed the morning, I had no idea that our first stop after lunch would give me one of the most memorable moments and favorite photos of my whole semester.

I had a great conversation with this little guy.

I had a great conversation with this little guy.

After taking some photos and checking out the view, we noticed a man seated on the ground with two little animals frolicking around him. The little lamb and baby deer looked adorable, and as we approached and took photos, my friend cautiously asked the man if we could pet them. “Pet them? Of course! Pick them up, show their faces to the camera!” So we did. I was the first one to scoop up the little lamb. He was soft and fluffy and at ease, curling into me easily and turning to face me as I talked to him. The photo my friend captured easily became a favorite of everyone who saw it. Apparently we started a trend, as the whole group started lining up and the bus didn’t pull out until everyone had taken a turn. Funny how the simplest little moment can turn out to be one of the most memorable.

My friends and I enjoy ice cream in Sneem.

My friends and I enjoy ice cream in Sneem.

The meeting with those little creatures put everyone in such good spirits that the happy feelings flowed into our next stop, a town called Sneem. A little ice cream shop sold soft serve vanilla cones with chocolate Flake bars stuck in which we all enjoyed while soaking in the sunshine. I was sad to say farewell to the Ring of Kerry the next day but I knew I would never forget that beautiful day and that little lamb.

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